Jetway Industrial PCs for Automation

Jetway has a wide selection of industrial PCs for Industry 4.0 to cope with the growing demand in digital transformation and the need to reshape manufacturing in the post-pandemic era. Here are our purpose-built PCs in IIoT, Smart Manufacturing, and Edge Computing!

  • IIoT
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Edge Computing


The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the combination of industrial standard solution with the Internet of things (IoT) infrastructure to ensure reliable and low-latency of communication between different devices. Jetway’s DIN-rail, fanless embedded systems are perfect for industrial control, cybersecurity, and network applications.

Smart Manufacturing

The increasing maturity of AI and Industry 4.0 technology allows enterprises to deploy machines from entry level positions to jobs requiring advanced knowledge. Smart Manufacturing box pcs allow business to maximize work efficiency, effectiveness, and safety while minimizing production cost substantially.

Edge Computing

Edge computing is device designed to process, analyze, and store data where it is generated for real-time analysis and response. It is preferably small for purpose of easy installation at the edge. Jetway’s HB368F21-6210-I/S is the perfect solution in terms of its compact size, DIN-rail and Cable-less design, high performance CPU, and rich I/O interface.

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